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The seemingly annual wildfires that now take place within the key growing regions have introduced the ever-growing potential for smoke taint contamination in berries, causing off flavors in the wine, and resulting in potential crop loss.

Smoke Taint is caused when volatile phenol compounds are absorbed by the vines and concentrate in the berries. Two of these volatile compounds, guaiacol and 4-methylguiacol are directly correlated to the perceived smoke impact. Understanding the levels of smoke taint in your crop plays a critical factor in determining next actionable steps for your product

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Rapid & Reliable Testing Is Now Available with Certified Laboratories

3-7 Day Turn Around Time for Smoke Taint Testing

   Certified Laboratories, an ISO17025 accredited laboratory, can provide you the  analytical expertise along with the rapid, actionable results you need  in order to make those critical decision with your product. 

  • Easy Setup and Submission
  • Microfermentations or 300 Berry Samples
  • Test both guaiacol and 4-methylguaiacol
  • Rapid Results

Ready to Test?

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  • We will then provide you a transmittal template, sampling and shipping instructions
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