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PFAS may be in the air you breathe, water you drink, and food you eat. And it may be in the products you sell. Certain types are carcinogenic to humans, which is why regulators have PFAS in their sights, and the public is becoming more aware of them.

What is PFAS?

  • PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
  • More than 9,000 PFAS compounds have been identified

PFAS are used as ingredients in certain cosmetics, such as lotions, cleansers, nail polish, shaving cream, haircare, and some types of makeup, such as lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara.

For supplements, PFAS may be used in packaging and production materials, which can transition to the final product.

What’s the Problem with PFAS?

PFAS compounds do not break down in the presence of sunlight, water, or air, meaning they persist in the environment and are known as "forever contaminants".

PFAS in the environment can be absorbed by plants and animals, which leads to PFAS contamination in raw materials. Some types have been shown to accumulate in the human body, and exposure can lead to serious health problems.

PFAS Testing for all Your Needs

Certified Laboratories, A Certified Group Company, offers fast, accurate PFAS testing for cosmetics, packaging, and other substances. We test for the 15 main PFAS compounds, per FDA, and offer competitive pricing with responsive service tailored to your needs.

  • Perfluorobutanoic acid
  • Perfluoropentanoic acid
  • Perfluorohexanoic acid
  • Perfluoroheptanoic acid
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid
  • Perfluorononanoic acid
  • Perfluorodecanoic acid
  • Perfluorobutanesulfonic acid
  • Perfluoropentanesulfonic acid
  • 1Perfluorohexanesulfonic acid
  • 1Perfluoroheptanesulfonic acid
  • 1Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid
  • 1Sodium dodecafluoro-3H-4, 8-dioxanonanoate
  • 12,3,3,3-Tetrafluoro-2-(1,1,2,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropoxy) propanoic acid (GenX)
  • Potassium 9-chlorohexadecafluoro-3-oxanonane-1-sulfonate

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